Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Hannah: Sara and I have spent a great deal of time sharing some of the major ideas and concepts of nutrition, but what are we really trying to say? You can eat anything in moderation, don’t be afraid to eat fats, don’t overload on refined carbohydrates, and get nutrients from food not pills. If anything, we want our readers to understand that eating healthy isn’t a punishment or too difficult. Planning a healthy diet seems overwhelming at first, but understanding the basic theories of nutrition aids with the lifestyle.

Writing blog posts and discussing concepts of nutrition with Sara and our professor have expanded my knowledge about nutrition and have encouraged my passion for the topic. The post I personally learned the most from is “The evolution of fat theory,” the material I studied to produce the post challenged my current knowledge about fats.
Sara: We hope that these posts has made you look at the food you eat differently. Our bodies need food for everyday activities and we mentioned the food for athletes. I hope that by reading this you have assessed what activities you are apart of or want to be apart of. A huge goal of this was to be able to encourage eating well for YOU, as an individual.

- Hannah and Sara

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