Thursday, September 10, 2015

Welcome Readers!!

Too many times we find ourselves clueless when it comes to healthy food choices (as a college student, I know all too well that convenience can easily trump quality selections.) I regularly hear the phrase “eat healthy” without being taught what that actually means or how to do so. Unfortunately, the frustrations of a wholesome diet cause many  people to give up on a healthy lifestyle. How do we know what is better for our bodies? When we live an active life what foods help our muscle perform better? Therefore, the goal of this blog is to break down diet and nutrition into bite sized pieces.

Together we, Sara and Hannah, have created this blog to try to answer these questions and further our independent learning. We are both in the Athletic Training Program at Grand Valley State University. Although, the education course includes a lot of anatomy, physiology, and other classes involving the physical science, nutrition is left out. We are both very excited to learn more and share the facts, bust myths and find new insights that revolve around a healthy diet. We want to encompass it all, especially focusing what we will use in our future careers. We hope our posts are directed to anyone with a similar passion of learning or interest in nutrition.

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